Sunday, February 21, 2016

What Does a Healthy Body Look Like?

You probably know many people who have tried to lose weight, are currently dieting, or at least say that they would like to drop a few pounds…one of these statements might even describe you right now.

If someone wants to lose weight, we don’t normally ask them why, we usually ask ‘how much’. But the question that most people don’t consider is why. Why do you want to lose weight? What do you think will happen when you get to your goal size?

For some people it might be a recommendation by their doctor and a matter of serious health problems. Any body image and aesthetic improvement would be secondary to the immediate health improvements.

But for most of the rest of us the health issues are not what drives us to want to lose weight. It is in fact the look of our body that we’re interested in changing and the health benefits are secondary to the look.

At first glance this seems a bit superficial and even vain. But if you dig a little deeper you’ll see that the look of your body is probably your best indicator of your health as well. After all we really only have two ways of telling if something is wrong with our bodies:
a)      It feels wrong – something hurts or we feel ‘sick’
b)      It looks wrong – a rash, bump, scratch, swelling, a joint or bone out of place, or too much fat!

The point is that we only have these two pieces of information to go on to tell if there is something wrong with our bodies. Once we’ve seen or felt that there is a problem we can go to a doctor and get even more information that is not possible to see or feel.

For example a doctor can tell you that you’re at a high risk for a heart attack even though this is not readily apparent in a mirror (although being overweight is a good indicator) and you cannot feel how close you are to having a heart attack…you only feel it once you finally have the heart attack…at which point it is too late to do anything about it.

The reason we have BMI charts and recommendations of a ‘healthy’ weight is so medical care providers can give you a visual cue that matches what their internal measurements like blood cholesterol and blood pressure are telling them about your relative risk of disease. In other words, there is a specific body shape and look that also predicts healthiness.

Someone who is 100 pounds overweight almost assuredly has poor blood lipid profiles, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and many other problems associated with the extra weight and the high calorie intake required to get to that size.

Conversely someone who is at or close to their ideal bodyweight for their height most likely has much more favorable blood measurements and risk profile of many lifestyle related disorders.

In other words, they look healthy, and all measurements indicate that they are healthy. But there is a second level of health that cannot be measured, and that is emotional health and self image. For many of us this is linked to the look of our body.

It makes sense that wanting to ‘look’ good or look like you’re in shape is actually no different than saying that you want to look healthy.

I may be in the minority here, but I do not agree with the new found rhetoric of ‘being happy with your natural size’ (it’s ironic that this is only ever trumpeted by people who are overweight). This is a load of baloney and is just a sympathetic appeal to overweight people who cannot find the drive to eat less.

No matter how much you try to tell yourself you’re happy with your current size, you will always know you are lying to yourself and this is not good for both your physiological health or your emotional health.
Living in denial isn’t any more healthy than living overweight. Doing both just compounds the problems caused by each.

I think the most healthy way to approach weight loss is to admit to yourself that you want to lose weight for the purpose of improving the look of your body. And that this new thinner look will not only improve your physical health but also your emotional and psychological health. It is in fact a wholistic view of taking care of yourself. There isn’t much disputing the fact that a healthy looking body, is almost always a healthy body.

John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men. Go to Adonis Index Workout  and get started on your road to a perfectly proportioned body so start building the body women want.

Weight Loss and Muscle Building – Marketing the Impossible

The fitness and nutrition industry are in the business of selling you a solution to one of two problems: 

1) Weight Loss
2) Gaining Muscles

Things like ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ are just side effects of looking better. In reality nobody would buy a fitness program if it made you healthier but at the same time made you fatter and weaker.
So when it comes to fitness and nutrition marketing it’s all about the look. And this is where the marketers use impossibility to sell you a never ending list of items.

Muscle Building – Selling the Impossible Size
When it comes to muscle building, marketers show you models that are using steroids and tell you that you can look the same if you buy their special product. The part they leave out is that you can never achieve the look that the model has without steroids. You as the consumer are assuming that you’re not being lied to and try their product hoping for the results they promise. When you don’t see the results you end up blaming yourself for not working hard enough or not using enough products to get there. The answer then becomes a new product, or a stack of new products, or a more complicated workout, or a more complicated nutrition program.

At no point does the thought go through your mind that perhaps the look of the model is only attainable with drugs and that no amount of supplements you buy and take will get you there.
In other words, they sell you the promise of an IMPOSSIBLE look. And some gullible people will spend thousands of dollars chasing this ideal and never get there.

Weight Loss – Telling you it’s impossible when it really is possible.
On the weight loss side of things they tell you that weight loss is IMPOSSIBLE without their product. This of course is a bold faced lie as weight loss is completely possible without any special products at all (as it is simply a matter of less calories in than calories out).

They will show you before and after pictures of people who have had good success dropping body weight and tell you that the only way this is possible is with their special supplement/diet/workout.
Dieting isn’t easy (even though it is simple) and because it is so hard it’s easy for marketers to sell you an excuse of why you’re having so much trouble with it and why their solution is the thing that you’ve been missing all along.

The reality is that dropping weight is simple and doesn’t require any special products and is very possible.

So it is a story of impossibility for fitness marketing on both sides and as long as you believe them you’ll always be susceptible to the next scam. Just think of all the diets than have come and gone in the past 10-20 years. How could all of them be so different? The answer is they can’t. They all have the same fundamental truth, and that is less calories.

Go through any supplement store and look at all the different muscle building supplements there are. Now think to yourself if they all worked why are there new products every year promising the ‘secret’ to muscle building? The unfortunate answer is that most of them don’t help you to build muscle at all, and especially the amount of muscle they show you in their ads.

As soon as you realize and accept what is truly possible for muscle building and weight loss the answers become clear and simple. Once you see how simple both muscle building and weight loss can be, you can then put your effort in the gym and your money towards only the things that work, and stop wasting time and money and heartache on the things that don’t.

John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men. Go to Adonis Index Workout  and get started on your road to a perfectly proportioned body so start building the body women want.

Workout With a Purpose

Anything you do in your life that provides a sense of gratitude and is really worth something is usually done with a sense of purpose behind it. Things of little or no value have no purpose behind them and are literally wasted time you can never get back. For example sitting on couch watching an hour of rerun’s you’ve seen before probably has little or no purpose and most likely doesn’t give you any sense of gratitude afterwards. Compare that to spending that same hour doing a workout that builds your muscles, burns fat, improves health, builds your self confidence, your social status, and attracts women.

The second hour is a much better spent hour than the first. It’s a life changing experience, where the first might as well be total regression and the epitome of the word “waste”.

When you go to the gym you most likely have at least some sort of plan for the day. Maybe it’s just arms today, or a mix of a few muscle groups. You might be doing some conditioning as well. No matter what you are doing on any given day, all of your effort in the gym has to add up to something. And this is where most people fail to have a concise game plan. For example, can you actually define what you want your body to look like in 8 weeks from, or even 4 weeks from now?

Do you expect to see dramatic changes in your muscle mass, or a decrease in your body fat or bodyweight? What about strength?

Having a defined goal to work towards is essential to seeing any progress. It makes each set and rep that more important. It adds value to the ritual of working out and it becomes something more than just a collection of some exercises. With the right program and some clearly defined goals you will literally be sculpting and building yourself into a living breathing work of art that women will adore and men will admire.

There are many things in your life that you can’t change, but your body is definitely one that you CAN change. If you neglect it and don’t take care of it, other people will recognize that is how you treat yourself and they will do the same. You will most likely only attract other people who treat themselves the same way. On the other hand if you take care of yourself and your body, people will notice and you will immediately attract other people who do the same for themselves.

If you’re only going to go around once, you might as well do it with a kick ass body that gets you the attention and admiration of everyone you encounter. You should never settle for anything less.

John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men. Go to Adonis Index Workout  and get started on your road to a perfectly proportioned body so start building the body women want.

How Much of A “Man” Are You?

On your top 10 list of things that you find attractive in a woman, I’ll bet facial beauty and a nice body account for 9 of the top 10 spots…and in many cases all 10.

In fact, the vast majority of men… me included… will probably give a bit on the face if the woman has a rockin’ body. Yet, in this same regard, how much will you compromise if the woman has the prettiest face you’ve ever seen… but she’s carrying 10, maybe 15lbs over your ideal?

I don’t care how pretty a woman’s face is, if it’s attached to a body more suited for a walrus, that woman is not on your radar, or any other guy that you or I know. This is the girl with the “great personality” that just so happens to be the proverbial “grenade” every night she goes out.
“Personality” never gets a woman too far if she doesn’t have the looks and the body and quite frankly, the research proves it.

So, why do you think that would be any different for guys?
Well, truth be known… there ARE some differences… but they are more subtle than most guys realize.

Attracting women, and especially a hot woman with a great body requires you to know what to say, when to say it, how to move and how to act, but studies also show that being in shape helps much more than most people are giving credit for.

You can believe it or not… but the fact is… if you’re in the throws of passion with a beautiful woman and your body is built like a Greek god… she won’t be able to keep her hands off of you… period.

Taking care of the way you look, and more specifically the shape of your body will not only go a long way in boosting your overall attractiveness to women… it will also boost your confidence in yourself, help you carry better posture, and command respect from other men.

AND… all of this happens the very second you step foot in any room… before you utter a single word.

Can you IMAGINE a more powerful tool to have on your side?
Look, I’ve been in the fitness and nutrition game for over 10 years studying it internationally and consulting professionally. I’ve done every style of training and diet you’ve ever read about, and probably a couple dozen you couldn’t even imagine and I gotta tell you… deep down… everyone understands this… but they never talk about it.
And, quite frankly… research clearly shows that over 91% of the people that DO exercise do so in the hopes that they’ll be able to improve their sexuality and attractiveness. So with that said I decided to find out if there WAS a measureable perfect look… and whether a new workout and nutrition program that was designed to actually shape your body into its most attractive and appealing form to women would actually be feasible.

Listen, if you go to the gym on a regular basis then you’re already ahead of the game and probably understand where I am going with this.
If you don’t then your next order of business should be getting a gym membership.
But once you’re at the gym… do you really know what look you’re trying to build while you’re there working out?

You might think you want bigger arms, or tighter abs, maybe a more muscular chest, but do you really know how much bigger your arms should be or even if tight abs are necessary to spark subconscious physical attraction in women everywhere?
Do you need to work on your shoulders and back too?
Fact is… most guys just wing it, and figure that working out is going to make them look better… and that bigger is most certainly always better.

Quite frankly, most guys have it all wrong and I can accurately tell you there is a specific body shape and size for every guy that women will find most attractive. And, this same shape will command respect and evoke jealous responses in other men, and exert a higher level of social dominance over everyone in the room.

The specific body shape I am talking about is actually measurable right down to the inch for each male body. And… the kicker is that most guys are way off when they guess at what this should be, yet it’s not as hard to achieve as you might be thinking.

If you’re going to workout (and I suggest you do) you should do it with a purpose. Building a socially dominant body that women are attracted to is a pretty good purpose in my books. That’s why I’ve spent the past year researching this.

I’ve researched the attraction response women have to different male figures and have come up with a specific number called the Adonis Index for you to use to help determine the exact shape you should be in.
Couple that with a research based male transformation program and you’ve got your hands on some SERIOUS dating dynamite.

This program is called the Adonis Effect.
After all sexual attraction stems from an age old animalistic instinct, and there is nothing more animalistic than how attracted a woman is to your body.

FACTS: If you haven’t had a girl say she gets off on the look of your shoulders when you’re having sex, then you’ve got more military presses to do at the gym. If you haven’t experienced a girl who can’t keep her hands off of your arms, or chest, or any other part of your body, and even the slightest movement from you gets her hot, then you better get a new workout program.

At the core of it all we’re just animals and sexual attraction is a primal animal instinct. Society and language make it a bit of a trick but in general, confidence, body language and the way the male body looks to a woman is what gets her juices flowing.

Just think of how sexy a woman can be just by moving her body the right way. No words need to be spoken for attraction to take place.

This same thing can happen in the opposite direction. If you don’t think girls can view guys like a piece of meat, think again!
Think of how convenient it would be for you to be able to attract a girl just based on how your body looks.

Remember, your outward appearance says a lot about your inner view of yourself… and don’t think that women aren’t aware of this. The look of your body and the way you carry yourself is a sure sign that women pick up on before you even have a chance to say a word to them.

YOUR GOAL: Combine a socially dominant body with the best techniques you can learn from the other leaders in the dating and seduction community and you will be an unstoppable, instant attraction generating machine!

John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men.

Building Your Body to Build Your Life

If you’re not satisfied with your position in life or expect more from yourself, your career or your relationships then you clearly have to make some sort of change. Doing the same things that you’ve done up until now will only get you what you already have. If what you have isn’t enough then you must demand more of yourself and everything around you. So how do you start?

The first step to a really changing your life is changing your body. The leading man always looks like a leading man. And believe it or not everyone around you will treat you differently simply based on how you look and present yourself.

Imagine that you were going for an interview for a new position that you really want. Now imagine that it comes down to you and one other guy who is equally qualified, but that other guy is in significantly better shape than you and he just looks like more of a leading man than you do. Which person do you think will get the job?

In most cases the guy who looks the part will get the benefit of the doubt, which means he’s going to get the job, the girl, the money and whatever else he wants. This is partly because he believes he deserves it, and partly because other people also believe he deserves it. It might not sound fair, but this is the way the world works. This is called the ‘halo effect’.

Whenever you’re ready to accept this you can start using this to your advantage and start getting more of what you want in any area of your life.

The first step is taking care of your body. Sure clothes and presentation is important. But the nicest suit on earth wrapped around a sloppy out of shape body doesn’t hide the fact that you can’t take care of yourself.

Getting in shape is the single most important and powerful thing you can do to start affecting real and lasting changes in your career and your relationships because it causes both an intrinsic and extrinsic change.

As you build a better body you will gain more confidence and exude this confidence (whether you know it or not). This will have an effect on everyone that interacts with you. They will start giving you the benefit of the doubt because of what they are seeing.

People judge each other within the first 2 second that they lay eyes on you, so you better be something to look at in those first 2 seconds.

In that time they will make a decision about your ability to take care of yourself, how much confidence and respect you seem to have, how intelligent they think you are, and whether or not they even want to interact with you.

All of this happens in a couple seconds, and this happens way before you ever have a chance to say a word. It’s your job to make your first physical impression a good one. And that is done by building a perfectly proportioned body.

This is no mystery and you and I both know the look of the leading man. It’s not too big, and not too thin, it is in fact the proverbial ‘just right’ size. Believe it or not there is actually scientific evidence for the ideal muscular size of a man’s body and I’ve put it all together into a system I call the Adonis Index Workout.

The end result is the Adonis Effect.
John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men.

How To Build A Body Women Can’t Resist

You workout to look good, that is no mystery. The real mystery is what looks good to women. Guys too often make the mistake of working out to impress other guys by trying to be the alpha male. Sure the 300 pound bodybuilder lifting the 150 pound dumbbells might be impressive to power lifters and other bodybuilders, but do most women actually find this kind of enormity attractive?

The answer is no, research tells us that women in general are not attracted to overly muscled guys, they prefer a well built guy who isn’t excessively big.

And if you think you can intuitively guess at your ideal size you’re probably wrong. There is also research to show that guys typically overestimate the size they think women will like buy as much as 30 pounds! So if you can’t trust your intuitions, how can you find out what kind of body you need to be building?

There is a specific mathematical formula for measuring the ideal male body shape and size that women will find most attractive and that other men will be envious of. By applying these specific measurements you can also determine the most effective workout that will get you into this ideal shape.

Forget bodybuilding workouts with the endless goal of “getting bigger”, or power lifting workouts designed to make you strong, but shaped like a tree stump.
As superficial as it might sound, we all want to look good and reap the rewards that our image oriented society bestows upon the best looking people. Regardless of whether or not our society is right or wrong, it’s definitely true that more attractive people are treated better and given more privilege. You can’t change society, but you can change your body. You might as well cash in on the benefits of being one of the good looking people.

Start working out with the specific purpose of looking better and enjoy the rewards that will come your way.

John Barban is the Author of the Adonis Index Workout, a specific method for building a guy’s body into its most attractive shape: the shape women find attractive and that creates social dominance with men. Go to AdonisIndex Workout and get started on your road to a perfectly proportioned body.